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Job Description

Vulcan Value Partners, LLC is sourcing for a dynamic Data Scientist who functions in an innovative, efficient and detail-oriented manner. The candidate should be a team player, extremely motivated, resourceful, and well organized. This full-stack data science position is responsible for completing high-level data science and analytics work. This position will be based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

• Design new predictive models

• Explore application of various machine-learning models to our business processes

• Investigate new software applications and suggest potential use cases

• Responsible for a small Linux system

• Continually look for ways to improve the department and organization

• Assist with assembly and preparation of big data sets

• Mine complex data and provide systems-related advice for their organization

• Design new ways to incorporate vast information with a focus on information technology topics

• Seek out or design new ways to improve data quality, and predictive capabilities

• Help speed our design, testing and deployment process for predictive models

• Opportunity to spend time on professional development and moon shot projects

Required Skills & Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree or enrolled in current degree program

• Relevant personal, academic, or professional experience is required

• Familiarity with Linux administration

• Coding skills in SQL, Python and/or R; experience in other languages is a plus

• Familiarity with Linux administration

• Advanced analytical and statistical skills

• Exceptional oral and written communication abilities

• Interpersonal and professional skills necessary to work and thrive in an office setting

• High competency in MS Office

• Goal-oriented and able to work in a fast-paced environment

• Skilled in setting priorities and managing time to accurately reflect the relative importance of job responsibilities

• Ability to focus and get tasks over the finish line

• Strong initiative and organizational skills

• Obsession with AI, science fiction, and the singularity is a plus

Location: Birmingham, AL
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